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Episode 65 - Against the Assault of Laughter

August 18, 2022

Knock, knock!

Educators use humor as a vital tool for building community in classrooms, helping students retain information, and creating a positive learning environment. All that aside, who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? There’s something of a growing interest in scholarship surrounding the use of humor in classrooms, and this week your hosts are taking a look at what makes us laugh. What kinds of humor might best serve students of all backgrounds? How do you use humor to reach students who might otherwise be out of touch? How comfortable are you as an educator with expressing your sarcastic side? We’re tackling all of these questions on 16:1.

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“A Review of Humor in Educational Settings: Four Decades of Research” (Communication Education, January 2011)

The Art Newspaper – Hannah Gadsby: taking down art history’s misogyny through comedy by Ben Luke

MasterClass – How to Use Humor to Teach: 4 Tips for Using Humor to Educate


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