Episode 73 - Driver's Education - 16:1 Episode 73 - Driver's Education - 16:1
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Episode 73 - Driver's Education

December 8, 2022

Driver’s Education

It’s the holiday season! That means roads, side streets, interstates, and driveways across the country are packed with vehicles on the way to or from seasonal celebrations. Inspired by the onslaught of holiday traffic, 16:1 is taking a look at driver education programs across the country. In the United States, there is no national standard for driver’s education, though guidelines are distributed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and interpreted by each state. The patchwork, state-by-state approach to driver’s education in the U.S. evolved from a more holistic approach; driver’s education used to be offered in 95% of public schools. With the privatization of driver training programs came new challenges. How are drivers in the U.S. staying safe? Learn more on this week’s episode.


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Internet for the People: The Fight for Our Digital Future By Ben Tarnoff – Purchase via The Book Loft of German Village


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