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Episode 82 - School Strategies for Encouraging Civic Engagement & Volunteerism

April 13, 2023

Classroom Practices & Pedagogy

Empowering Today’s Students: Youth Civic Engagement and Volunteerism

Volunteerism and civic participation are critical components of building and sustaining strong and vibrant communities. Participating in these activities helps us feel a sense of ownership, responsibility, and pride in the places where we live and work. Engaging today’s students in volunteerism and civic action can be a significant challenge, particularly given the numerous distractions and pressures that exist in their daily lives.

As we look at the challenges of engaging younger demographics, some of the most significant obstacles we face are structural— but not insurmountable! To address issues of access, inclusion, resource limitations, and awareness that keep youth voting participation low and national rates of volunteerism falling, we must guarantee that the support structures we build around civic activity are designed to help students tackle real problems in their communities and experience the impact of their efforts.

Sources & Resources:

Key Club

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Twitter – Aretha Franklin singing Nessun dorma

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