Episode 102 - Decoding Grades: From Marks to Mastery, and What Students Actually Need - 16:1 - An Education Podcast Episode 102 - Decoding Grades: From Marks to Mastery, and What Students Actually Need - 16:1 - An Education Podcast

Episode 102 - Decoding Grades: From Marks to Mastery, and What Students Actually Need

February 15, 2024

Classroom Practices & Pedagogy

Education Headline Roundup

Here are the school & learning headlines we cover in this week’s episode of 16:1: 

Decoding Grades: From Marks to Mastery, and What Students Actually Need

Grading is a ubiquitous yet controversial element of formal schooling. This episode delves into the history and purpose of grades, highlighting traditional and alternative approaches while advocating for student empowerment. 

The grading system has undergone a long journey full of transformation, but questions linger about its true effectiveness in reflecting student learning. Current discussions emphasize the potential stress and competition associated with grades. Alternative philosophies like standards-based and holistic grading offer different lenses for evaluating student progress. Shifting the focus to student ownership through self-assessment and peer feedback can foster deeper learning and critical thinking skills. 

We also discuss grade inflation and the growing focus on student self-reflection, as well as innovative grade-less approaches such as those proposed in Hacking Assessment.

Examining different perspectives and empowering students in the evaluation process are crucial steps towards creating a learning environment that prioritizes meaningful growth over a single letter grade.

Sources & Resources:

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Dartmouth will again require SAT, ACT scores. Other colleges won’t necessarily follow | WLRN

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A Top College Reinstates the SAT – The New York Times

Grade Inflation Continues to Grow in the Past Decade

Grade inflation

USI National Council unanimously passes motion against Proctorio – Trinity News

An Exam Surveillance Company Is Trying to Silence Critics With Lawsuits

California colleges still use remote proctoring despite court decision

FAFSA glitches and delays leave students, states, institutions in limbo

2024–25 FAFSA Issue Alerts | Knowledge Center

Students panic after new financial aid application blocks them: ‘I don’t know who to call’

New FAFSA Getting on Your Nerves? Here’s Some Advice From an Expert | Education | U.S. News

In Defense of Rubrics in Assessing Writing – pedagogy colloquium

Teaching More by Grading Less (or Differently) – PMC

The Shift from Oral to Written Examination: Cambridge and Oxford 1700–1900

Ungrading: Where We Are and Where We Might Go

The Problem with Grading | Harvard Graduate School of Education

An Immanent Machine: Reconsidering grades, historical and present

Annual Reports on Education | Horace Mann

Horace Mann | 16:1

The New York Public Library has a mini roller coaster for books


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