Episode 109 - Examining the Effects of High-Stakes Standardized Tests on Learning Outcomes - 16:1 - An Education Podcast Episode 109 - Examining the Effects of High-Stakes Standardized Tests on Learning Outcomes - 16:1 - An Education Podcast

Episode 109 - Examining the Effects of High-Stakes Standardized Tests on Learning Outcomes

May 23, 2024

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Examining the Effects of High-Stakes Standardized Tests on Learning Outcomes

This episode explores the history and impact of high-stakes standardized testing in the U.S., starting with a brief review of the No Child Left Behind Act and its legacy. Discussions include the educational goals of high-stakes tests (such as accountability and standardization), and the reasons why these tests often fall short of bettering educational outcomes for students, including curriculum narrowing and stress on students and teachers. We also delve into recent research, including a 2024 study by Maroun and Tienken, which highlights the significant influence of socioeconomic factors on test performance.

Discussion Questions

  • What are the consequences of “teaching to the test”?
  • Why does the high-stakes testing system persist despite its criticisms?
  • Can we design a system with standardized tests but without high-stakes consequences? What might this look like?
  • What would it take to move school administrators and policy makers toward the idea that standardized tests should inform academic strategies instead of penalties or other punitive measures?
  • How do we develop a system to hold educators accountable for serving students well that recognizes that a student’s academic or standardized test performance is not always the best indicator of that student’s learning? Would peer/student reviews play a part in this system?

Sources & Resources:

Ohio AG investigating alleged ‘hostile takeover’ inside teacher’s pension fund

March Board News | STRS Ohio

April Board News | STRS Ohio

February Board News | STRS Ohio Employer

Answering viewer questions about Ohio’s retired teachers’ pension fund chaos

Houston teachers union calls for Mike Miles’ resignation after explosive report

HISD students plan walkout as investigation launches into state-appointed superintendent Mike Miles

HISD’s Mike Miles responds to ‘spurious’ investigation into charter school network

HISD superintendent Mike Miles accused of mishandling state education funds | CW39 Houston

Houston ISD Superintendent Mike Miles responds to allegations he diverted Texas school funds to his Colorado schools

Report about charter schools founded by Houston ISD superintendent Mike Miles prompts calls for investigation

HISD Superintendent Mike Miles responds to report he funneled TX taxpayer money to Colorado | TEA commissioner, Third Future Schools also respond

Disappearing Dollars: Texas public schools missing millions

Flood of Fake Science Forces Multiple Journal Closures – WSJ

Wiley shuts 19 scholarly journals amid AI paper mill problem • The Register

Wiley to shutter 19 journals

Evolving our portfolio in response to integrity challenges | Hindawi

‘The situation has become appalling’: fake scientific papers push research credibility to crisis point

Surge In Academic Retractions Should Put U.S. Scholars On Notice

Science’s fake-paper problem: high-profile effort will tackle paper mills

The Pernicious Predictability of State-Mandated Tests of Academic Achievement in the United States

Standardized Testing is Still Failing Students | NEA

Research Shows What State Standardized Tests Actually Measure

History of Standardized Tests – ProCon.org

18 years ago, Mike Pence voted against No Child Left Behind. So did Bernie Sanders. Their reasons weren’t the same. – The Washington Post

Episode 51 – Left Behind – 16:1 – An Education Podcast

Obama Calls for Major Change in Education Law – The New York Times

History of Standardized Testing in the United States | NEA

Pearson, ETS, Houghton Mifflin, and McGraw-Hill Lobby Big and Profit Bigger from School Tests | PR Watch

History of Memorial Day | National Memorial Day Concert | PBS

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