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Episode 106 - The Great College Con: Operation Varsity Blues

April 11, 2024

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Education Headline Roundup

This week in the roundup of latest news and headlines impacting education:

The Great College Con: Operation Varsity Blues

This week we take a walk through the concealed corridors of privilege and power within the U.S. college admissions system. A wide-ranging scandal known as Operation Varsity Blues (unveiled in March 2019) reflects the complex, often unseen mechanisms that shape educational access and equity at some of the U.S.’s most elite colleges and universities.

Operation Varsity Blues exposed a network of wealthy parents and college coaches, who with an orchestrator named Rick Singer manipulated admissions systems to favor their children, often without the students’ knowledge. Singer’s scheme involved a so-called “side door” into prestigious colleges, and his activities facilitated more than $25 million in bribes. Through fabricated athletic profiles and manipulated standardized test scores, the scandal implicated celebrities, executives, and coaches. The scandal prompted a reevaluation of admissions policies and the role of standardized testing in evaluating scholastic merit.

We’ll discuss whether meritocracy has become a myth, what part test-optional policies play in admissions reform, the impact on student mental health brought by the college application rat race, and how college rankings apply pressure to the admissions process.

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Sources & Resources:

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SAT Quiz: Can You Answer Questions From the Original Test? | TIME

MLB, players union trade blame for pitcher injuries as MLBPA condemns pitch clock, league faults velocity – CBSSports.com

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