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Episode 112 - Behaviorism in Education: The Legacy of B.F. Skinner

July 4, 2024

Educational Philosophy & Psychology

Education News Headline Roundup

Behaviorism in Education: The Legacy of B.F. Skinner

In this episode, we investigate the life and work of B.F. Skinner, the pioneering psychologist who transformed our understanding of behaviorism and left deep marks on classrooms, schools, and methods of instruction. Discover how Skinner’s theories on behavior modification, reinforcement, and punishment continue to influence modern education and classroom management.


  • Early Life and Influences: Learn about Skinner’s journey from aspiring writer to groundbreaking psychologist, influenced by the works of Ivan Pavlov and John B. Watson.
  • Operant Conditioning: Understand the principles of operant conditioning and how Skinner’s research with rats and pigeons laid the foundation for behaviorist approaches in education.
  • The Skinner Box and Other Oddities and Experiments: Explore the development of the operant conditioning chamber, famously known as the “Skinner Box,” and its role in studying animal behavior. Be sure to stick around for a discussion of… (checks notes…) war pigeons?
  • Educational Impact: Join a discussion of how Skinner’s theories have shaped modern educational practices, including the use of positive and negative reinforcement, token economies, and programmed instruction.
  • Controversies and Criticisms: Delve into the ethical debates surrounding behaviorist techniques and their application in both educational and social contexts.
  • Legacy in Education: Katie and Chelsea Reflect on Skinner’s lasting impact on educational technology and teaching methodologies.

Discussion Questions:

  • Has Skinner’s focus on observable and measurable behaviors had an overall positive or negative impact on formal educational systems?
  • How much behavior modification is too much when it comes to classroom instruction, and what are the ethical implications of applying behaviorist principles in schools?
  • With new research questioning the efficacy of extrinsic rewards, how do we reconcile Skinnerian approaches to motivation in modern education?

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